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Sidewalk Chalk Competition

Sidewalk Chalk Competition.

Corner Drug Pharmacy and Community Education has partnered together to help raise funds to fight Alzheimer's Disease. We are looking for your help!

We are asking for individuals to register with community education if you are interested in creating your Sidewalk Art. Sidewalk Art can take place on your driveway, on your sidewalk, or in front of your place of business.

There will be two categories.

Youth (ages 15 and younger) and Adult (ages 16 and up). This also includes businesses.

Register with community ed. by June 1st.
Artwork must be complete by June 3rd

Pictures of artwork will take place on June 4th

Pictures of artwork will be online and at Corner Drug.

We ask for a $1 donation for each vote. (More Details to come)

Vote for your favorite artwork at Corner Drug by June 30th

Picture that receives the most votes will win a $25 gift card.